Long Island Boardgaming Organization

2009 Gaming Schedule
Saturday (6/13) - GameDay (at TBD)
Saturday (7/18) - GameDay (at TBD)
Friday (7/31) - GameNite (at TBD)
Friday (8/21) - GameNite (at TBD)
Saturday (8/29) - GameDay (at TBD)

The Long Island Boardgaming Organization (LIBO) is a personal gaming group, largely comprised of family and friends, founded in September 2003. Membership is restricted and by invitation only. If you are interested in joining LIBO, email Chris. To begin the process, you may want to download our Member Handbook , which outlines a number of our policies.
In spite of its seemingly organized, competitive status, it is still a casual gaming group, with emphasis on fun, social camaraderie. Nevertheless, it provides an opportunity for members to learn/play new games in our respective collections.
At each session, all game scores are recorded and a database has been established for all games played. The data collected helps the group reward members for their gaming prowess, exclusively for "bragging rights."

There are no dues for the club.
All months will have at least one full day GameDay (normal times are approximately 12:30pm - 1:00am, on a Saturday), which will feature a 'theme' (either based on game theme or mechanics). There is also one Friday GameNite per month and LIBO also currently offers a highly successful Heroscape league.
Each year, there is a Mini-Golf tournament, where four mini-golf courses are chosen, and scores are tracked for all participants. There are also two "Family-Day" celebrations - one in the Spring and one in the Fall, which feature Ping Pong, Crokinole and video gaming tournaments.
There are attendance policies towards retaining good standing in the group and for qualifying for awards.